5 Tips for Dressing to Feel Your Best - SheBird

5 Tips for Dressing to Feel Your Best

While trends are ever-changing, being in-style is at its most inclusive. You have the freedom to wear what looks best on you, and SheBird is here to help with stylish, flattering, easy-to-wear wome...
Simplifying Your Daily Routine - SheBird

Simplifying Your Daily Routine

Instead of stressing about what a hectic schedule you have, follow these five tips to simplify your daily routine and organize your day for a more productive approach.
Summer Style Guide 2022 - SheBird

Summer Style Guide 2022

We’re celebrating summer SheBird style! From chic everyday essentials to bright, bold colors, explore our summer style guide for outfit inspiration for all your favorite summertime activities. Chec...
New Summer Colors: Set Sail Collection - SheBird

New Summer Colors: Set Sail Collection

Summer means longer days, more time outside, and warmer weather—which all sounds great until you’re digging through a pile of leggings and sweatshirts looking for something cute to wear. Inspired b...
5 Fun Facts About the History of the Bra - SheBird

5 Fun Facts About the History of the Bra

Ever felt like your bra is the bane of your existence? Yeah, we’ve been there too. And believe it or not, so have women throughout history! We can’t commiserate with our ancestors about it, so we’v...
Travel in Fashion - SheBird

Travel in Fashion

Summer vacation time is here! Where are you planning to go this summer? Whether your vacation plans include relaxing in the sun or walking around new cities, make sure to pack your SheBird. We’ve g...
Shebird Satin Collection

New Collection: Satin for the Summer

Our beautiful satin collection is now available for order! Wear SheBird to all of your special events this summer as you seamlessly transition into cooler fashion. Whether you’re headed to a summer...
Finding Your SheBird Size - SheBird

Finding Your SheBird Size

Did you know that 80% of consumers wear the wrong bra size? Finding a built-in bra that will keep you supported and comfortable all day, no matter what your size, shouldn’t be a hassle.  With SheBi...
New Dress Colors: Hot Orchid + Jade - SheBird

New Dress Colors: Hot Orchid + Jade

Brightening up your wardrobe with new colors of your favorite tank dress is the ultimate way to celebrate the season and bring a little color into your spring!  With captivating colors that are su...