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How To Determine Which SheBird Colors Look Best on Your Skin Tone

Learn how to find your undertones and choose clothing pieces in a color palette that will look best on your skin. 
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Get ready for a flood of compliments! 

When you identify your skin’s undertone, you will have a better understanding of what colors make you POP! 

Learn how to find your undertones and choose clothing pieces in a color palette that will look best on your skin. 

image of a color wheel made from color swatches spread into a circle shape

How To Find Your Undertone

It is widely accepted that there are three skin undertones: cool, warm, and neutral. 

Different from your skin tone, the shade of your skin, undertones are the subtle qualities or hues within your skin tone that impact how certain colors look on you. Someone with a fair skin tone can have warm undertones just the same as someone with a deep complexion can have cool undertones. Your skin tone does not affect what color undertone you have. 

Cool undertones lean more pink and blue in fair complexions and can appear red or purple in medium to deep skin.

Warm undertones can range from yellow to peach to golden, depending on your skin tone.

Neutral undertones often have a mixture of both warm and cool undertones. 


Here are a few ways to determine what color undertone you have:

Look at the color of your veins. Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Do they appear more purple or blue-ish? This is an indication you have a cool undertone. If they look more green to you, you might have a warm undertone. If you see a mix of both blue and green, you probably have a neutral undertone. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work for everyone. If you have a deeper skin tone that makes it hard for you to determine the color of your veins, try asking yourself this question…

What color jewelry do you prefer? Do you wear more gold or silver jewelry? If silver sparkles on your skin, you probably have a cool undertone, but if you think you look better in gold, then you may have a warm undertone. Or maybe you’re someone who can wear both! Then you definitely have a neutral undertone.


Still not sure whether you have a warm vs cool skin tone

Try on a plain white t-shirt. Do you look more rosy in white, or do you see more yellow? Those who look pink and rosy likely have a cool undertone, while those that appear more yellow and golden probably lean to a warm undertone. 

If You Have Cool Undertones, You’ll Love…

Jewel tones! Beautiful blues, passionate purples, and eye-catching emerald greens look amazing on you! Cool colors look great with your cool undertone. 

What To Wear

Comfortable and versatile enough for everyday wear, The Freedom Racerback Tank in Ruby is a bright, bold jewel-tone option that’s perfect for when you want to make a statement. Complementing your cool undertone, this rich shade of purplish red will stop people in their tracks! 

If You Have Warm Undertones, You’ll Love…

Earth tones! Youthful yellows, radiant reds, and opulent olive greens all look stunning on your warm undertone! Vibrant warm-toned colors look fabulous on you. 

What To Wear

You will look glowing in the Mineral Red shade of our Flawless Short Sleeve Tee! The ultimate everyday tee, this piece will quickly become a closet staple and definitely have you reaching for more earth tones! 

If You Have Neutral Undertones, You’ll Love…

Everything! If you have a neutral undertone, you are lucky enough to look fabulous in every color! From pretty pastels to striking, vivid hues, your neutral undertone means you can wear them all. 

What To Wear

What’s better than a one-and-done dress? Go for a chic and sexy look in The Savannah Strappy Dress, or brighten up your day with a pop of Coral from our Tunic Tank Dress or check out the beautiful new colors on our Emma Dress! Your neutral undertone is the perfect canvas for dressing up.

Wear What You Love

Understanding your skin undertones can help you choose colors that complement you best, but what’s more important is that you wear clothing—and colors—that make you feel your best. 

At SheBird, we believe that if you wear pieces that make you feel comfortable, stylish, and beautiful, you’ll radiate that energy to the world. 

Shop SheBird pieces you’re sure to fall in love with. 

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