Most days I would stare at my closet and try to figure out what to wear.

What would be stylish? Comfortable? Flattering? Did I have the right bra? Where was that bra?

Why was this so difficult? What combination of bra, base layer, shirt, tank or little dress would work?! I didn't want to wear three layers, feel bulky or have dueling strap issues! Many of the tops and dresses I wanted to wear were not even an option, because I need support and they were not “bra-friendly.” And if a bra were possible, you had to find the elusive “right” bra.

None of the available bra options were working: underwire bras dug in, sports bras over-compressed and adorable bralettes offered little support. I was just so tired of bras . . . .

One day, as I stood in my closet, I was positive there had to be a better way. I could see what was possible. A world without bras! A wonderful liberating world where your clothes do the work of your bra! You could wear what you want and everything would be just fine!

Eighteen months later, with the help of skilled designer Susie Mecklenburg of Fabletics and Brand builder extraordinaire, Lisa Nelson we are thrilled to bring you a better way to get dressed. Fly free (and supported) with SheBird!

Sheila Attari, Founder

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