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5 Tips for Dressing to Feel Your Best

While trends are ever-changing, being in-style is at its most inclusive. You have the freedom to wear what looks best on you, and SheBird is here to help with stylish, flattering, easy-to-wear women’s clothing.

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While trends are ever-changing, being in-style is at its most inclusive. You have the freedom to wear what looks best on you, and SheBird is here to help with stylish, flattering, easy-to-wear women’s clothing.

SheBird styles are meticulously designed to flatter a wide variety of figures. You’ll find SheBird’s wire-free built-in bra and shaper shorts in every top, dress and skirt they make to help you look and feel fabulous with zero hassle. No need for separate bras or shapewear. Hooray!

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So let's get started! Here are five style tips to help you highlight what you love most about your figure!

1. Know Your Body Type

Each body is different, and that’s worth celebrating! But that also means that the style tips that work for one woman might not work for another. This first tip is the most crucial: know your body type. When you know and understand your body shape, you’ll be able to dress in a way that shows off your assets and moves the focus from anything you feel uncertain about.

Not sure of  your shape? Click here to learn your body type.

2. Smooth Your Mid-Section

Tummies can be trouble. Whether you are post-college, post-baby, or post-menopause, it’s normal to feel like your mid-section needs a little extra attention. Here are some killer tips to tame your tummy. 

  • Dress in one shade from head to toe to create a long, lean line. 
  • Select tops and dresses that are slightly nipped in at the waist and skim over your hips. 
  • Stay away from anything boxy. 
  • Check out our best-selling Freedom Racerback Tank that shows off your curves in just the right way. 
  • Choose clothing with built-in shapewear to gently smooth your midsection. SheBird Skirts do the trick. You can tuck in a top or wear a shorter top to just hit the waistband – eliminating any added bulk. 

3. Ditch the Skinny Jeans

Not only are skinny jeans the #1 cause of back or neck pain from clothing, but they’re also often terribly uncomfortable and heavy, thick denim isn’t what you want to be wearing on hot days. 

So we say ditch the skinny jeans and switch to a chic, flattering, and thigh-loving skirt! Try The Kate Satin Skirt or the Luxe Rib Girlfriend Skirt. Forget about your thighs rubbing together—both skirts feature a built-in short that provides a light layer of support and prevents chafing, truly a summer must-have. 

4. Balance the Bust

If you have a large chest, chances are you aren’t sure how to balance emphasizing your curves and not drawing too much attention to them. There are lots of ways to find the perfect middle ground. The first is to find the perfect base layer.

SheBird tops and tank dresses act as natural minimizers because they smooth and shape your breasts, sides, and the back of your upper torso, giving you a smooth, sleek look which is a great place to create your OOTD. 

We recommend our black Freedom Racerback Tank paired with leggings or our black Fly Free Ribbed Cami paired with flared jeans or wide-leg linen pants. Additionally, avoid extra material, flounce, or ruffles on your top half; this will just add unwanted volume.

Click here to find your SheBird size. 

5. Highlight What You Love

Love your legs? Shorter dresses and skirts, leggings, and shorts are the way to go. Summer is the perfect time to show off this fabulous feature! 

Love your shoulders and arms? Tee up a tank top, tank dress or halter. The ultimate everyday essentials, you’ll be wearing these sleeveless pieces all summer long.

Love your collar bones? Scoop neck tees and strappy tops and dresses are the best for drawing focus to this asset. It's the perfect neckline for layering necklaces or a statement piece of jewelry.

Have a winning waist? Bodycon styles will let it shine or try high-waisted pants that bring you in at the waist with a cropped jacket. 

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Being comfortable is the first step to being confident in your clothing. Check out our collection of comfortable, stylish women’s clothing for all different body shapes to get started.