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Top 5 Common Bra Types vs. SheBird

Learn more about common bra types and discover why SheBird’s built-in bra solutions are sure to check all your boxes. 

Underwire bra, soft cup bra, bralette—the list goes on! How do you know which bra types are best for you, your shape, and your lifestyle? 

Learn more about common bra types and discover why SheBird’s built-in bra solutions are sure to check all your boxes. 

What’s the Difference? Breaking Down Bra Types

With so many different bra types and bust support options, not to mention sizing variables and levels of padding, it can be overwhelming trying to shop for bras and even deciding what bra is ideal to wear with what outfit.  

At SheBird, not only are we here to support you with chic wardrobe essentials and innovative built-in SheLove Solutions for all-day comfort, but we’re also here to help you learn more about different bust support options so you can Fly Free!

chart comparting 5 common types of bras to SheBird's built in bra clothes

Underwire Bra

What They Do 

Underwire bras come in a variety of shapes and styles. They are intended to provide support as they lift and shape the breasts into a flattering silhouette.


Unfortunately, the main construction method used to provide support is rigid metal wires that restrict movement and can dig into the skin, causing discomfort and in many cases bruising and chafing. 

The SheLove Solution

SheLove built-in bras flex to shape to your form without the pain and constraint of a pre-formed cup and underwires. We replace traditional underwires, with soft and flexible underbust curves created by bonding performance fabrics in an arc. 

Sports Bra

What They Do 

Specifically designed to provide additional support and mobility for athletic activities, sports bras are often made with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that compresses breasts securely to the chest with varying degrees of support depending on the activity. 


Unfortunately, the added support provided by the sports bra often flattens breasts and results in an unflattering “uniboob” shape. Similarly, a majority of sports bras are offered exclusively with racerback strap options, limiting the style of top you can wear over them if you’re trying to conceal bra straps.   

The SheLove Solution

Our Original SheLove built-in bra solution’s unique curved construction shapes, lifts, and—maybe most importantly—separates your bust so no more uniboob! Plus, the center mesh panel keeps you cool whether you’re mid Vinyasa flow or acing your tennis serve.


Soft Cup Bra

What They Do 

Soft cup bras vary in style and shape. Some are seamless and contoured, while others feature a multi-part cup with smoothing effects and everything in between.


A soft cup bra includes molded cups with little to no additional padding and absolutely no underwire. While this can help avoid the irritation from an underwire bra, the lack of a proper structure in a soft cup bra can leave you wanting more and give you an unflattering often pointy or sagging shape. 

The SheLove Solution

No underwire AND smooth shaping? With SheBird, it’s the best of both worlds! Our removable cups provide modesty and shaping or remove them for a more natural feel while maintaining the everyday support you want. 


Strapless Bra

What They Do 

Often saved for special occasions, strapless bras can come in handy when even the thought of unsightly bra straps would ruin an outfit.


Holding the bust up either with a sticky adhesive or underwire with a tight supporting band, some strapless bras can feel like you’re trading comfort for style.

The SheLove Solution

What if your favorite dress had the perfect bra built into it already? Or the perfect everyday tee already included the ultimate everyday bra? With SheLove Solutions, you never have to worry about what bra you’re going to wear. Plus, the back smoothing panel eliminates annoying bra bulges and digging. 



What They Do 

Designed for comfort and light support, a bralette is commonly made from a lightweight material without padding or molded cups that are completely wire-free.


Often made in a limited size range, bralettes are not always inclusive to a variety of sizes. Similarly, women with larger cup sizes regularly find bralettes don’t provide enough support to properly lift and shape their bust.

The SheLove Solution

Stop spilling out of smaller sizes and never feel swallowed by bras that are too big. We design our tops based on two key dimensions of a woman's body: your frame size and your bust size. The styles featuring our original amazing built-in bra come in half sizes for the absolute best fit possible. 

SheLove Built-in Bra Solutions

You deserve to feel amazing in everything you wear, including your bra! That’s why our clothing is specifically designed around your bra size and made to accommodate your curves. Currently, that means everyone from a 32A to a 40DD/42D can wear SheBird!

Take this quiz to find your SheBird size!

Our revolutionary SheLove Solutions, including the Original built-in bra and our Barely There built-in bra, give you all the benefits of the bras you love, built right into stylish wardrobe essentials! 

The Original SheLove Built-in Bra

Our contour bonded support technology shapes your curves, lifts your bust, and smooths your back, making our Original built-in bra so comfortable that you will want to live in it 24/7!

  • All-day comfort with no underwire, no hardware, and no separate straps
  • Curved construction that shapes, lifts, and separates your bust
  • Removable cups for modesty and shaping
  • Super fine power mesh for stability, support, and ventilation
  • Back smoothing panel to eliminate bra band bulges and digging

The Barely There SheLove Built-in Bra

The Barely There built-in bra gives you just the right amount of support and stability without wearing a bra, perfect for when you’re lounging around or ready for bed. Found in our Dreamy Lite-lift Tank top, this shelf bra style tank features lightweight mesh and a super comfy band of plush elastic that gently hugs you to give just the right amount of barely there support.

Get ready to Fly Free with SheBird and say goodbye to all your other bras! What are you waiting for? Let’s start shopping!


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