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5 Fun Facts About the History of the Bra

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Ever felt like your bra is the bane of your existence? Yeah, we’ve been there too. And believe it or not, so have women throughout history! We can’t commiserate with our ancestors about it, so we’ve put together the next best thing—five fun facts about where bras came from and how they’ve changed over the years!

The earliest bra is believed to be from the 14th century

While it’s difficult to determine true firsts throughout the course of history, archaeologists and historians believe that the earliest evidence of physical bras is from the 14th century. They were discovered in Austria and looked similar to today’s bras, made of linen and lace.

5 Fun Facts about the History of the Bra - Shebird Shop

Before cupped bras, corsets were the height of fashion

While bras that look like today’s have been discovered as far back as the 14th century, many didn’t take to them at first. In fact, most women moved towards corsets, which were used to shape the breasts, waist, and hips. If you’ve seen Gone With the Wind or even Pirates of the Caribbean, then you’re probably familiar with corsets and the often extreme lengths necessary to make them look good. All we have to say is that no matter how uncomfortable modern bras might be…we’re just glad corsets aren’t all the rage anymore!

Bras with separate cups were introduced in the late 1700s

Around 1790, gowns with high waists that drew eyes to the breasts were becoming more popular. Corsets changed to accommodate the new style, often including two separate cups for the breasts. With that drastic change, history took another huge step towards modern-day bras!

5 Fun Facts about the History of the Bra - Shebird Shop

Bras weren’t considered an essential undergarment until 1917

Did you know that bras weren’t considered a necessity until 1917? Just over 100 years ago, it became commonplace for all women to wear bras. This was around the same time doctors started debating whether corsets were safe. Almost all corsets were inconvenient, but some even caused injuries! It wasn’t uncommon for a woman to faint or for the rib cage to become deformed. Despite improvements over time, bras today are still often painful with underwire that digs into your skin.

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