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3 Benefits of Wearing Comfortable Sleepwear

We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping—and that’s not counting the hours we lay half-asleep on the couch watching Netflix. So why shouldn’t we be spending that time in comfortable sleepwear we enjoy wearing?

From vacation-ready to visitor-friendly, discover the top three benefits of chic, supportive loungewear you can sleep in.

Fly Free & Sleep Supported

From The Lazy Day Joggers and The Luxe Lounge Wrap to the cute sleep set pairing The Cheeky Sleep Short and The Dreamy Lite-lift Tank, SheBird loungewear and sleepwear are the ultimate at-home outfit pieces as you cozy up with a good book or snuggle into bed at night.

Made with our signature modal jersey fabric that is sustainably sourced from renewable beech trees, SheBird loungewear and pajamas feel comfortably cool and silky soft to the touch.


SheBird loungewear offers innovative bra solutions too. For those that want an extra layer while lounging or sleeping, our The Dreamy Lite-lift Tank features the SheLove Barely There Built-in Bra made with lightweight mesh and a soft band that gently wraps around you for just the right amount of support.

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They’re Comfortable!

This one is a no-brainer! Nothing feels better than pulling off your work clothes or tight jeans and slipping into something buttery soft and cozy. Wearing loose-fitting clothing to bed can actually help you fall asleep and boost your melatonin production.


They Help You Relax & Decompress

Wearing loungewear like The Lazy Day Joggers on the weekend helps you relax and decompress—and stay comfortable! But the best part about SheBird loungewear is that if someone pops by for an unexpected visit, you still look put together and stylish.

Changing into comfortable, cozy clothing at night also helps send signals to your body that it’s time to relax and lets your brain know that it’s time to start winding down.

They’re a Form of Self-Care

There’s a reason you feel so good when you slip on your favorite loungewear or sleepwear—it's because they are an act of self-care. Investing in quality, beautiful pajamas that make you look good and feel good can bring you joy every time you put them on!

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