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Hi guys!
I’m so thankful to be able to come to this space today as a place to truly disconnect from everything happening in the world around us. While this space is a creative outlet I come to, to escape, I want you to be mindful that I take everything happening very serious and my heart goes out to all those affected by COVID-19. As I mentioned in my stories earlier this week, I am keeping this space as normal as possible and will continue to share my love for products I truly believe in.

If you tuned in to my stories recently, I did a mini try-on with SheBird. I have always struggled at finding the ‘perfect’ grab and go tee. I’ve tried a gazillion tees in my life. Ones that are overly priced and ones I toss after one wear. It’s safe to say I tear my closet apart whenever I’m looking for that perfect fit tee. Then I heard about SheBird

I was introduced to SheBird earlier this month and let me tell you guys. GAMECHANGER. I got my hands on their ‘Flawless T-Shirt’ and I can confirm, it is indeed, flawless. Holy smokes! The fabrication on this tee is insane. So soft, so light and made of a buttery modal jersey. As a mom, I don’t have time anymore to get myself put together in the two hour span I used to. I need something relaxed and something fast. SheBird is just that. Made with a scoop neck and mesh edging you can take this tee from day to night. Not to mention the built in supportive bra already inside. WHAT! That was the selling point for me. I knew I could be up and out the door in 5 seconds with this. Not only is the built in bra completely supportive, comfortable but also flattering. Who knew after one babe, my ta-tas would see light again. Their tagline is ‘women supporting women, literally.’ So good…and so true!

Last week I was out the door in the morning with my leggings and SheBird tee and by night I paired a jean jacket over with a layered necklace and totally changed the entire vibe. This is such a versatile piece. SheBird also makes a racerback tank with the same supportive built in bra. Perfect for the gym and summer months ahead.

Those long days of turning my closet upside down are over. I am so thrilled to have been introduced to SheBird and you will too when you get your hands on one.


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