SheBird and Flying Free

SheBird and Flying Free


Who remembers taking a Cosmo Magazine quiz to find out if you were dateable? When I came across the SheBird website and saw a quiz on which bird I identify with, I was all in. Turns out I am a hummingbird.

The hummingbird woman likes to stay busy and is constantly fluttering from place to place to find her next activity. With endless energy, hummingbirds are excellent multi-taskers and get things done with time to spare. Hummingbirds prefer the casual look that allows you to be active yet look stylish and put-together; catch these busy birds rocking their favorite basic t-shirt as an every- day look.

This little quiz and results are exactly me! Which reminded me of how unique and powerful women are. The women of 2020 are expected to do it all, and then some. We have agreed to this standard, but we have also pushed back in the comfort department. Joggers and leggings are now considered pants in the workplace and Shebird has done the same thing for tops by designing super stylish tops with Ah-mazingly comfortable built-in bras. Can you imagine sitting at your desk all day in the most comfortable and professional top and not worrying about the comfort of your bra? The women of the 1950s could have only dreamt this in their wildest dreams!


I see a lot of ads about how uncomfortable underwires are. Now, I am not here to jump on this bandwagon because it doesn’t matter if the bra has underwire or doesn’t. If it isn’t comfortable around your rib cage and under your bust then it sucks. Period. I can honestly say that some of my most expensive sports bras are some of my most uncomfortable. They suffocate me and dig into my upper stomach and ribs, then they start to itch. I have no shame and will start itching in the grocery store and pulling on my sports bras to stop the suffocation!

Shebird is run by women, designed by women and made for women. The Ah-mazing built in bra provides support and is super comfortable to wear all day and night. Shebird’s design of a built in bra and tank/tee is seamlessly constructed. A Shebird built in bra top can eliminate rolls and unwanted skin from flowing out and around the bra because the “bra” as we know it doesn’t exist in this top. The first few times I wore my Shebird tee, I would look down in sheer panic because I thought I forgot my bra. The support of the Shebird top creates the hold and support around your actual bust vs around your rib cage. The top includes removable cups but I keep them in because they create a pretty rounded shape.


These tops are perfect for women who travel for business or pleasure. The top doesn’t wrinkle, so you can sit on long flights and be ready for a meeting when you jump off the plane. If you are a mom this top does everything you need. It is basically stain resistant because of the unique fabric combo of modal/lycra blend (my kid touched me with a dirty hand and the smashed banana wiped right off). This top can be thrown on when running late, because you just skipped a whole step of picking out a bra and putting the bra on. The built in bra has a power mesh that provides stability, support and ventilation.  If you are a breastfeeding mom I cannot recommend this top enough. Find out more about the fabric here.

The top is an investment piece, but the fabric and construction is well worth the $84. The tops don’t wrinkle, you can quickly rub deodorant off the fabric and I can get you 10% off with code: SarcasticShopper.  If you wear the top a few times and decide it isn’t what you expected, Shebird has a 30 day fit promise. Returning is as easy as clicking on a link for a free return label and full refund. Shebird will actually donate the top to women in need.  You have nothing to lose. Click here to shop and when selecting your size just pick your normal size and then bra cup size.  If you are in between a small and medium in a shirt size, then size down but stay true to bra cup size. Shebird is building a flock of women and reinventing the way women get dressed. Find your perfect fit here.

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