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New Dress Colors: Hot Orchid + Jade

Brightening up your wardrobe with new colors of your favorite tank dress is the ultimate way to celebrate the season and bring a little color into your spring! 

With captivating colors that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd, SheBird chic wardrobe essentials with built-in support will not only make you look your best, but will help you feel your best too. Learn more about our new Hot Orchid pink and Jade green dresses, how to style them, and how to dress for your skin tone.

The Tunic Tank Dress

The Tunic Tank Dress now comes in two NEW on-trend spring colors: Hot Orchid and Jade. Inspired by the vibrant pink orchid flower and the striking green from the mineral jade, these new spring arrivals in our best-selling Tank Dress are sure to make your wardrobe POP!

But just because they’re spring colors doesn’t mean you can’t wear them all year round! A versatile dress, wear with a sweater and leggings in the winter or alone on a hot summer day–this one-and-done racerback dress features our amazing built-in bra, so NO bra straps show!


Hot Orchid

WGSN’s Color of the Year 2022, Hot Orchid is an “intense magenta that captures a vivacious appetite for joy and positivity.” Hot Orchid blooms the vibrancy of fuchsia, the richness of purple, and the energy of pink to blossom into a color that inspires confidence in wearers. 

Some people find an intense color like Hot Orchid difficult to wear, but it really all depends on skin undertones and learning how to dress for your skin tone and undertones. 

Your skin undertone is categorized as cool, warm, or neutral, while your skin tone is typically grouped as fair, light, medium, dark, and deep. 

If you have a cool undertone, you’ll probably naturally look fabulous in Hot Orchid and other colors in the purple-pink orchid family. Wear it as a pop of color to spice up a look, or go full monochrome for a bold, statement-making style.  

If you have a warm undertone, you might need to add a little more structure to your look. Because Hot Orchid might wash you out a little, be sure to pair it with other, warmer-toned colors to brighten you back up. Add a cute warm-toned denim jacket—yes, denim has temperature tones too—or a cute scarf to make sure your face stays bright.

Those with neutral undertones are lucky enough to be able to wear just about every color with ease!

Other colors that pair well with Hot Orchid: turquoise, teal, and soft yellow.




An inviting, vibrant shade of green, Jade is another trending color you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2022. Even if you feel this color might be a little more bright and bold than you’re used to, when styled with your favorite everyday accessories and your go-to going-out jacket, truly anyone can rock Jade!

If you have cool undertone, the blue tones in Jade will make your coloring stand out and will have you reaching for this dress again and again!

Those with warm undertones can look amazing in Jade clothing. Add some additional warmer-toned pieces to bring out the yellows in Jade and have complements coming your way every time you wear this color. 

If you have a neutral undertone, Jade will likely look effortless on you. Colors like Jade and light pinks that fall in the middle of the color spectrum typically work well on those with neutral undertones. 

Other colors that pair well with Jade: navy, cream, and eggplant.

If a color speaks to you, it doesn’t matter what your undertone is or if it will compliment your skin tone because when you wear clothing that you feel good in—your confidence will radiate through, and nothing is more beautiful than that. 

Choose colors that excite and inspire you. 

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