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Better Than Braless: Do life in SheBird

We hope a little bird told you ( or maybe your BFF)  that there is something better than regular bras or NO bras and that’s SheBird!
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We hope a little bird told you ( or maybe your BFF)  that there is something better than regular bras or NO bras and that’s SheBird!  When we say comfort is the new power move, boy do we mean it!  Say goodbye to your bras and hello to the braless life! Our built-in bra solutions provide the support, shape, and lift of a traditional bra, but without all the hassle, digging, bulging, or fuss of a regular bra.  Comfort and style 24/7, now that’s a boss move.  

Fly free and join our better than braless life where having no bra is the best problem

Discover why women are making the ultimate power move of choosing comfort without sacrificing style. 

Break Up with Your Bra

It’s time to break up with bras as you know them

No more bra! Goodbye to rigid underwires that cause instant discomfort - looking good doesn’t have to be painful!

No more bra! Goodbye to thin, stretched-out straps that offer no support. 

No more bra! Goodbye to restrictive bust bands that create instant back bulges- the worst!

No more bra! Goodbye to the too big or too small cup sizes - no more spills or gaps.

Make the switch to SheBird and try our innovative SheLove Built-in Bra Solutions that almost make you forget you’re wearing one! 

The Problem

We are probably not telling you anything you haven’t thought about before, but we think it bears repeating!  Ill-fitting, constraining, uncomfortable, and unsupportive bras are the problem, not our wonderful bodies that come in a million different shapes and sizes. No one wants their bra to show, restrict their movement or cause chafing. From bralettes to push-up bras, it can be so challenging for many women to find a bra that fits well, supports the bust, doesn’t ruin the look of your outfit AND provides all-day comfort.

The Solution

Many times no bra isn’t really an option, and lots of women feel uncomfortable without any support.   So what is the solution to this frenemy -  the bra? Enter SheBird, where your clothes  do the work of your bra with our BUILT-IN-BRAS LAYERS! 


It’s THE braless bra! All the lifting and shaping benefits of a traditional bra without the poking, bulging, and digging. Plus, built-in bras are convenient and versatile. They make getting dressed easier, no fussing with finding the right undergarments for different outfits, and, when made right, they can give you all the lift, shape, and support you need without compromising your comfort. 

The SheBird Solution

Not all built-in bras are built alike. Some can squish, some don’t provide enough support, and some are great, but the pieces they are built into aren’t stylish enough! 

At SheBird, we expertly designed our SheLove Built-in Bra Solutions to give you all the benefits of the bras you love—lifting, shaping, support—but in a comfortable, lightweight design that’s built right into chic wardrobe essentials!

woman sitting at a piano. she's wearing a black dress with a built-in bra by SheBird

We want you to feel like you’re wearing no bra at all! Feel empowered with the knowledge that you’ve chosen comfort without sacrificing style because once you choose SheBird, you’ll never want to go back to traditional bras!  

"I have 5 different tops and 1 dress, I don't want to put anything else on anymore!"

– Melanie D.

Take this quiz to find your SheBird size!

The Original SheLove Built-in Bra

Our contour bonded support technology shapes your curves, lifts your bust, and smooths your back. Plus, the Original SheLove Built-in Bra is so comfortable, you’ll forget you were wearing a bra! 

  • All-day comfort with no underwire, no hardware, and no separate straps
  • Curved construction that shapes, lifts, and separates your bust
  • Removable cups for modesty and shaping
  • Super fine power mesh for stability, support, and ventilation
  • Back smoothing panel to eliminate bra band bulges and digging - That’s right, no more bra bulge!

The Barely There SheLove Built-in Bra

A true braless bra, The Barely There Built-in Bra gently hugs you to give just the right amount of barely-there support and stability for your lounging around or sleeping

  • Shelf-style bra with band of plush elastic 
  • Sheer, lightweight mesh for breathability 
  • Perfect for light support
  • Available in our dreamy loungewear

woman in a red long sleeve shirt with a built in bra by SheBird is leaning against a white oven while holding a coffee mug

Live life in SheBird: it’s better than braless!  What are you waiting for? Let’s start shopping!