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24/7 Comfort

I spent 24 hours in my Shebird short sleeve t-shirt . . . and I never need to wear another shirt again!

When you’ve been unemployed for four months and quarantined for over five in the Catskills, pants become just another thing you did “before COVID-19.” What you should know about me though, is that even before all of this unfolded I wasn’t consistently wearing real pants. I am a graphic designer that worked primarily from home. Yoga pants are, for me, not reserved strictly for class. All the pomp and circumstance of real pants just feels like an office for my body. I want to be comfortable as I hunch and squint over a computer for hours on end, but that’s not to say I don’t want to feel cute and ready to leave my apartment (for essential items only and wearing a mask) at any moment. 

Working from home is THE TITS (as I am sure you all have gleaned by now)! You know what isn’t? Having to wear a bra all day. I am a 32GG, so not only is it difficult for me to find bras that fit, it’s even harder to find something comfortable that offers the support I need. Especially when everything that does end up checking all my boxes usually resembles a bra your great aunt, the nun, would consider a viable option. Needless to say, I own a lot of athleisure–quarantine and my wardrobe get along pretty well–but sometimes wearing a sports bra, although comfortable for the first few hours and definitely supportive, is not the vibe I’m aiming for, that’s where Shebird comes in. 

My mom bought me this Flawless Short Sleeve Scoop Neck T-shirt in Fig for Christmas and I’ve honestly never looked back. I wear it all the time! This shirt slides on like butter on warm toast. The built in (INVISIBLE) bra cups my goodies the way I cradle the last Heirloom tomatoes of the season on my way home from the farmers market. What I’m trying to say is that this shirt is comfy AF. Wearing my Shebird t-shirt I can go bra-less while, as my mom says, “still leaving something for the imagination.” Because let’s be honest, no one wants to see these Big ol’ Titties floppin’ around. 

I spent 24 hours in my Shebird short sleeve t-shirt . . . and I never need to wear another shirt again. 

I started out my day the way I always do, by grinding freshly roasted decaf coffee beans. I gave up caffeine and dairy two years ago, but I have never been able to quite kick the habit of my morning coffee. So, here I am, around 9am, on day whatever of quarantine, grinding beans and boiling water for my extremely extra café con leche routine that actually has no function aside from satisfying an addiction I’ve already broken. Coffee in hand, I grab my book and go sit outside on the front porch. This is the greatest luxury of quarantining away from my 700 sq ft Brooklyn apartment. Every morning, I sit on the front porch, reading, drinking my bougie ass coffee, and listening to the birds twittering about . . . it's amazing how many birds you hear. Springtime in the Catskills is truly beautiful.

Coffee drunk and ready for an activity change, I head inside to work on various personal design projects and online classes that I’ve started to “better” myself during this period of “rest.”  I am so comfortable I feel like I am still wearing my pajamas, but the mirror says otherwise. The mirror says “guuuurrlllllll to bad you can’t go outside and show your outfit off to strangers” (tbh that's really why I sit on the front porch every morning...gotta flex somehow). I spend most of the day working but not getting paid and then I break for yoga (shout out to Brooklyn Yoga Project!). If I told you that throughout an entire 90 minute flow followed by a handstand/inversion practice not one nip-slip or peek-a-boob occurred, would you believe it? It’s the truth! 

Finding something that can go day to night is really important in quarantine. Otherwise, you just end up having to do extra laundry. My “night” begins at cocktail hour where I have been attempting to perfect classic cocktails like the Martini and Gimlet, but that's not to say I’ve been ignoring my brown liquors, don’t worry!  Today I made a Daiquiri because I want to pretend I am on a tropical island.

My quarantine happy hours generally consist of ending my day where it began, on the front porch. Throw in a brief existential crisis, followed by a second cocktail while I chef it up in the kitchen and my day has transitioned to night. No outfit change needed! 

Cooking has been a great comfort to me as I struggle to acclimate to the new normal. Tonight I am making some pasta I handmade and froze last week with broccoli rabe and sausage from a local farm. As I tie on my apron (so as not to dirty my favorite shirt) I remember tomorrow I am going to the grocery store. The only thing left to wonder is do I wear the shirt again? No one saw me wearing it today...