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By: Bernadette Deron

Fashion fact: We absolutely detest when we have to wear extra layers in the summer. But we’re not talking about fall or winter layers, like knits or light jackets. We’re talking about the annoying layers underneath our attire — a.k.a. our bras!

It’s no secret that most outfits require a supportive undergarment to help shape the silhouette properly, but as long as the design in question works sans brassiere, we’re all about it. With that in mind, we decided to look for maxi dress styles which have details that may allow you to go bra-free. Check out our top picks below!

Summer Maxi Dresses That You Can Wear Braless

Jet Black #color_jet black

This super casual and flowy maxi dress is amazing because it actually has a soft, wire-free bra built in for impeccable support!