STYLE STORY: Apricot - Cobalt - White

STYLE STORY: Apricot - Cobalt - White

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We're all about infusing your spring wardrobe with colors that add a pop of fun! Consider this your invitation to refresh your look—it's time for a fresh, new perspective!

How to Style It

From the studio to the street


Shebird Bra Tank in Apricot
  1. Begin with the Freedom Bra Tank in Apricot
  2. Add Sky Blue Leggings
  3. Top off with a chic layer
  4. Add metallic sneakers or sandals for that final, playful twist


  1. Start with the Cobalt Freedom Bra Tank
  2. Pair with white joggers for contrast
  3. Add an orange layer for pop
  4. And slip on classic white sneakers to tie it all together
Your style is yours to play with! Experiment, mix, match, and add your signature twist that makes each outfit unmistakably you.