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Your Capsule Wardrobe by: Shebird

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Scroll a little bit on Pinterest and you're bound to see countless posts about capsule wardrobes. If you're unfamiliar, a capsule wardrobe is when you basically build your wardrobe with a handful of key, versatile pieces that are easy to mix and match.

It's a useful tactic  when you're traveling to avoid overpacking...but it's also great to use at home if you're trying to pare down an extensive closet. If you  are looking for elevated pieces to help balance out some of those trendier finds you have in your closet, a capsule wardrobe might be for you. They make dressing easier, and that’s what we’re all about!

So what is the foundation from which to build a great capsule collection? Tops that are easy to mix and match, come in varying colors and are a great base to build any outfit! Starting to sound familiar? Let SheBird guide the way to the ultimate capsule wardrobe!

The Freedom Tank is the perfect staple to pair with any piece in your closet - layer with a chic blazer and trousers for work or pullover a simple jean and hoodie for a run to the store. It's a must for any day of leisure or meetings, and all while you are essentially braless! 

Choosing bottoms that are neutral and can be dressed up or down for different occasions can also be made even simpler by pairing with our Flawless Short Sleeve Tee. It is the ideal short sleeve and tucked into a trouser paired with a sleek sneaker is effortlessly chic. 

Pants and a long skirt are good staples for this time of year and are perfect to wear with our Flawless Long Sleeve Tee for a cozy and comfy vibe. Pull on a leather jacket for a dressier look!

Don't forget to add the Tunic Dress to your closet! It can be paired with tights and booties for a night out or sneakers and a denim jacket for a lunch date with the girls.

Add a few jackets and sweaters that can easily be layered over the Ribbed Cami, an elevated basic that is a must have in any closet, capsule or not (we can't get enough of the simple neckline and rounded hem). Depending on where you live, layer pieces will vary in degrees of warmth. For warmer climates, a denim or leather jacket, an oversized cardigan, and a blazer are perfect and will give you plenty of options!

Pick a variety of shoes for different occasions to add to your  capsule collection - white sneakers and black chelsea boots  are must-haves and they will take you from day to night with ease.

You can't forget about loungewear! Shebird Loungewear pieces are excellent options for sleeping or just laying around the house. Super soft and always stylish. You can even pair the loungers with a blazer for a low key look that still feels put together.

Swap in  some of your favorite accessories every few weeks for variety,like jewelry, purses, hats, and one of their alpaca scarves for an extra layer of warmth for chilly mornings and nights,  but always keep SheBird in the mix!  These looks will take you effortlessly from season to season with little adjustments. Happy dressing!