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SHEBIRD - No bra? Best Problem!

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Recently I was reached out to by SheBird, a modern wardrobe essentials shop, and I was elated! Every essential from SheBird has a built in bra! I know, it sounds like a pass for the ladies with anything above a B cup, but as a curvy 40 DD let me tell you, IT IS A WIN! 

As a mom of two, both breast-fed and pumped, my girls are facing the floor more than the door these days. Finding a bra that fits well, doesn't break my back trying to lift the suckers up, and also hides the fact that my head lights are ALWAYS on(if you know what I mean, wink wink) is next to impossible or expensive.  


SheBird offers support & style for the price of one bra that far less people are going to see. I was gifted The Freedom Racerback Tank 2.0 in the color Redwood and in the size 7. It comes in a ton of different colors and you can use the code COCCO to save 10% on the entire site! I chose to take this tank and style it four ways, and a few of them are perfect for fall!

This is the first outfit and maybe my favorite. I tucked my SheBird tank into a vintage Dior skirt, threw on a cropped cardigan from Target, and paired it with my Kate Spade floral pumps. Feminine, perfect for day or night, and all pink vibes! Isn't it the best?!

This one is bad girl vibes with all of the leather and I am here for it! I wore a pair of leather Spanks, my By Egreis leather jacket, and platform boots. I can't tell if I want a hug or to ride a motorcycle!

Brunch anyone? A pair of paperboy shorts, an incredible blazer, and the cutest little ballet flats have me ready for mimosas and girl talk! Can you tell me which one is your favorite?