How are SheBird built-in bras different than other dresses with shelf bras?

Other dresses with built-in bras offer limited support and can lead to sagging and an unflattering shape, especially for women who wear larger bra sizes. They can also be more difficult to care for if you have to take special care of the bra component of the dress.

With SheLove’s innovative construction, you get total support for any bra size and a gorgeous shape. 

The built-in bra lifts and separates, so you get the same silhouette as you would with a hard-wire bra. But the built-in shapewear is 100% wirefree, leaving you free to wear it all day without hard-wire fatigue.

Where should I wear the Savannah Strappy Maxi Dress?

We know you can’t wait to wear this dress out — it’s that cute. The good news is that you can wear the Savannah Strappy Maxi Dress with a built-in bra just about anywhere.

It’s elegant enough for a swanky restaurant. But it’s also versatile enough that you can wear it to the beach with a pair of flat sandals or with your favorite pair of trendy white sneakers during your shopping escapades. 

It’s all about what style you want to create, and with a sleek cut and black or terracotta colors, you can dress it up or down however you like.

What’s the benefit of wearing bra dresses?

When you have this wardrobe essential in your closet, you can pack less when going on trips and simplify your suitcase. Even better, because the built-in bra is so comfortable, you’re not going to feel like you need to slip into sweats when you get home. You can conquer the world and then lounge about in this comfy maxi. 

But the breathtaking benefit and the main reason you’ll LOVE our SheLove dresses: You don’t need bras. In fact, you can burn them if you want. We won’t judge.