1) Is the Kate Satin Mini Skirt better for formal occasions or casual wear?

Consciously designed to meet every woman’s needs, the Kate Satin Mini Skirt with Built-In Shorts can be worn across a variety of occasions. The material’s subtle, satin sheen means you can dress it up with a chic blazer and heels for a night out with the girls. Then, just as quickly, you can transition to more casual and day wear with sneakers and a sun hat. 

The secret to this design's versatility is in the material, which drapes like silk and gives the mini skirt the chance to shine in more comfortable and formal settings.

2) How do I care for the Kate Satin Mini Skirt with Built-in Shorts?

While the soft-to-the-touch satin-like material makes it feel like you need to “handle with care,” in reality, those care instructions are much more manageable than you think. It’s lightweight and durable, specifically designed to take you from day to night in a snap. 

All you need to do is run the Kate Satin Mini Skirt through a gentle cycle, and cold water wash. Help keep the integrity of the shape alive by hanging it or laying it flat to dry. It’s that easy.

3) What do the built-in shorts help with?

Look, we love that the Kate Satin Mini Skirt is a versatile and flexible wardrobe piece. Many customers describe the Kate Satin Mini Skirt with Built-In Shorts as “cute, comfortable, and classy” — all the “C” words we love to champion. 

But this design is so beloved because it smooths, shapes, and prevents chafing. Of course, only you, the wearer, know what’s underneath. To everyone else, it looks like you’re wearing the perfect, flowy skirt with the ideal silhouette.

4) Can I wear this skirt with shorts underneath during the summer?

Yes, you can go from day to night — but you can also transition from cooler to warmer months with the built-in shorts. Part of the Kate Mini Skirt’s versatility lies in its material — designed with an easy-care-washed satin fabric that’s 100% polyester, non-stretch, and softened for that classic “flowy” feel. The shorts keep you snug and protected, as an additional layer, while the material encourages natural airflow during warmer months.