By: Katerina Rioseco - SheBird

By: Katerina Rioseco

I don’t know about any of you, but as Winter peters out I get a little stir crazy. It’s not about the season ending and change, or even the promise of warmer (and longer) days on the horizon…it’s more about not having anything to do. I seemingly laze about all day in my current WFH uniform, the SheBird Flawless Long Sleeve Shirt and Lazy Day Joggers, cozy and cocooned in my home, while the greater world drips and runs. Maybe you California birds have a different experience, but here in the North East, we have a little moniker for this part of the year between ski season and Summer…MUD SEASON, and it is exactly how you picture it.

Daylight stretches deeper into the afternoon and the warmth from the sun begins to melt everything it touches, but it’s still too cold at night for anything green to thrive. The snow gives way, exposing the vulnerable, grassless, dirt brown tundra below which then thaws and turns to mud. A whole lot of mud. You can’t walk anywhere without hearing the tell-tale squelch under the shoes you’ve dedicated solely for this purpose…I like to call them shit kickers. But I’m not here to talk about the merits of rubber boots, though they are necessary. I’m more painting a picture so you understand why I (along with many others this time of year) just NEED TO GET AWAY. 

This year I am fastforwarding through the misery, I’m trading long sleeves, shit kickers, and mud for bare feet, shoulders, and sand. In other words, I’m heading to the beach. I’m leaving on a jet plane and all my bags are packed…with, you guessed it, SheBird!

We spoke before about the perfect simplicity of a capsule wardrobe in an earlier blog post, but to recap: a capsule wardrobe is a set of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and accessories that can be easily mixed and matched together, dressed up, down, and anywhere in between. Why are we still talking about this? TAKE NOTE. This is the key to not over packing and wearing everything you dragged behind you through airport security. SheBird really lends beautifully to this concept. And although I won’t be telling you what to pack for a beach vacation (sorry), I will be telling you about a few key pieces that will make packing an absolute breeze!

Okay, so, here we are. We have our mud season escape planned, the hotel is booked and we have plane tickets in hand, but what do we wear?? Packing for a trip is sometimes easier said than done, you know you can’t bring EVERYTHING like the divas of yore (here’s looking at you Mrs. Maisel), but you also don’t want to be underdressed or unprepared for unexpected weather.

That was a lot of “uns,” we don’t like “uns,” they’re scary. In my “youth” (I just turned 30, let me have this) I would pack two outfits and shoes for seemingly every day, I never wore more than half of what I brought with me and guess who’s parents always made her front the “overweight bag” fee at the airport? I learned the hard way how to pack smarter and stop working so damn hard schlepping bags from one terminal to the next on a layover. My week-long vacation luggage is now consolidated to a single carry-on bag, and it’s all thanks to SheBird.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know how comfortable all of SheBirds products are and if you’ve ever been on a flight longer than 45 minutes you also know that, on a plane, comfort is relegated to the meager inches of leanback most airplane seats (and flight crews) allow.

To counteract the discomfort of an economy or business class seat, most people these days seem to travel in pajamas. I am not one of those people. The fear of my bag being lost and finding myself stuck for the rest of the trip with only the sweatpants on my rear end is enough to make my palms sweat (it’s also why I learned to shove everything I need into a carry-on bag).

SheBird has changed this. Gone are the days of me being disgruntled and uncomfortable in steerage, pulling at pinching bra straps and stealthily undoing the top two buttons on my ribcage high jeans (did I mention I was 30? No lowrise pants for me, thank you). When I travel I wear SheBird, HELLO?! NO BRA! They're like sweatpants for your boobs, and guess what?! No one but you and the girls will ever know!

When I fly I am generally hot one minute, then freezing, then hot again–in other words,if you’re like me, layers are key. My go to is the Fly Free Ribbed Cami in White paired with the Luxe Lounge Wrap in Smokey Black and my favorite pair of jeans (or leggings). The cami offers the perfect amount of support without all the discomfort that comes with wearing a bra, and the wrap keeps you cozy when your neighbor points their recycled air blower away from them and directly at you. Throw a pair of cute espadrille wedges in your bag to replace whatever your favorite travel shoes are and you’ll be ready for a night on the town as soon as you disembark.


Now we get to the fun part–traveling isn’t fun, it’s the arrival that is! YAY! Okay, we’re at the beach, or rather, we’re at a resort and on our way to the beach. Lucky for you we only need to sift through a handful of bikinis and shoes to get to the good stuff. Not a bulky bra or sock in sight! The SheBird Tunic Dress. Available in three colors, black, navy, and mineral red, is a one and done option, it’s brilliant.


All I can say is you’ll be ready before everyone else, which you can read as: you’ll have more time to read your favorite book or enjoy a cocktail in the sun while everyone else is busy trying to clip their bras. Slip this baby on over your bikini (or birthday suit if the nude beach is on your itinerary), pair it with some flip flops and a sun hat for the beach, or some slides/sneakers and dad hat for an “out exploring” look and you will feel instantly put together without all the hassle of choosing an outfit. 

After a long day doing what we do on vacation after an even longer winter (read: drinking strawberry daiquiris and burning to a crisp) slip your tender and hopefully “sunkissed-not-burned-at-all” skin into the cooling, buttery soft SheBird loungewear. My go to is the Dreamy Lite Lift Tank and Cheeky Sleep Shorts, but for someone who likes to blast the hotel air conditioner, check out the Lazy Day Joggers and drift off to sleep knowing that you can do it all over again tomorrow. 


Next time you have a vacation planned and start to dust off the ole travel sweats and stress about what to pack, remember style and comfort are not tradeoffs. You can feel good and look good at the same time, you just need to get your SheBird on and fly away!


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